Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been a while...

I was in awe to see a 5 year old do his thing on youtube with my last check out MBodyStrength's Marcus Martinez here in the video above. Now he's definitely a beast! I've seen this video before and was awe stricken how he was able to clean 70 kg KB a few times. Now that's insane.

Now to your regular programming...:P

I know its been awhile since I made a good quality blogpost. Took a hiatus literally from blogging consistently. Been pretty hectic these past few months with alot of other things going on - so I'm back at it again here with a bit of a renewed focus (hopefully). I still may not be consistent with my blog...but I hope to be blogging a bit more here on out.

Few things I realized over the time I've been gone:

- Weekday Evenings are well spent with our kids nowadays more than ever. Hardly see my twins during the day with them in school now, so we make every effort to make more time for them during the afternoon and evenings during the week (not that we haven't - we just want to be more of a presence for them especially with school. Very important especially in the formulative years that they're in right now). So volleyball days will be set aside for now. It's all good. Family will always be my priority.

- I can still workout anytime of the day. But morning workouts are still ideal for me. Always will be.

- I can still manage workouts with an even busier lifestyle nowadays as a working husband with kids in school and a 2 year old at home. These boys are our pride and joy.

- I control what I do to my body.

- I need to set more concrete goals again.

There's so many changes that have occured over the last few months that have really resulted in inconsistencies on my part from nutrition, exercise...we're only humans. But hey, it's all good...adapting is one of things in life that will always be something we go through. Adapting will never cease - as change is always a part of life - so we have to adapt. That will never end, so why find excuses.

With every obstacle that may be in your way, find answers and you will find results.

Now go do your thing. ;)

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