Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Ever Turbulence Training Transformation Contest in the wraps!

Wow...congratulations to all the winners of the first ever TT Transformation Contest! It's truly an inspiration to be a part of such a wonderful group of people at the tt forums. Hard to believe I now feel somewhat connected to alot of the TT members from across the globe all with the same fitness goals and aspirations...Again, very proud of all the winners and all the runner ups, as all the other contestants who participated in the first ever TT Transformation contest. Personally, they will all be friends for a lifetime for me. Craig does have another in the works so for those who want to take a shot at it...you have nothing to lose but that unwanted body fat!

Anyway, feeling good today (80%) so I did a HIIT with a little ab work I did on my own today. Cough is pretty much resolved and should be up and running for sure tomorrow. I honestly do not know if I blew the whole TT April Workout I started considering all the stuff that transpired more than a week ago...Anyway, refocused and ready to rock. Contemplating different workouts and routines so we'll see what I do soon.

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