Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Springing back" in the Spring...

More than a week of no was another good day...slowly getting it back together again with a brief but intense workout at home today. Eats have gotten back on track the past few days now. Starting to get better on the nutrition side again as well. To get some time to recover from the flu and just resting out here really has it's benefits. I somehow feel recharged and stronger. Must be all the carbs I ate the past week. No fret'll come back in no time for me. Just taking a break from any serious conscious nutrition is all and kind of just kind of getting things together again.

It is always important to change up things every 4 weeks...I think I was 6 weeks into it before I got sick. Also, I have changed my approach here with workouts for a few weeks just for experimentation purposes is all and so far so good.

I was able to do the Pistol Squat today!!! Yes!!! Used a 12 lb medicine ball and I surprised myself when I did them today. It took almost 4 months to get this down. Another goal accomplished for the personal record books. :)

Anyway, spring weather in San Diego was a good 61 degrees, clear skies, nice wind - so I got my Schwinn Trailer, hitched my boys in and hopped on my Trek for some fun in the Spring San Diego afternoon sun with a leisure bike ride for added cardio and hit some trails around the neighborhood. Lot of uphhills here again which was good. We hit a few stops and just enjoyed some of the views along the way. Stopped at a park (there's tons of parks where I live) and let them play a little as I played hoops with a basketball I took with me in the attachment as well. Speaking of hoops, a doctor friend of mine who works at UCSD Hospital here in San Diego is a huge basketball fan (we love the Lakers)...he was so into March Madness and now that the NBA playoffs are up and running...he asked me and a good friend of mine if we were interested in joing him and his other doctor buddies for some pick up basketball during the week (once or twice a month is all nothing big). I was all for it so let's see where this goes...I could definitely use some of that for leisure cardio on days when I don't train even just for fun. Nice for him to ask us though!

Spring time...Summer is just around the corner, too! Can't wait to get rolling with some Boogey Boarding again here soon as well.

Just more motivation for me to get that defined, ripped 6 pack...sigh!


3 comments: said...

Pistol squat and pull-ups - you rock! Can't wait until I can do 1 of either of them. :)

scorpiogrrl said...

hey Andy nice looking blog and sounded a really nice day out on the bike and at the parks with your boys. Great to be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and get a bit of a workout in.


Andy said...

Sup Kali!!
Pistol Squats were tough just experimenting with it over a few months. I was able to get it down and that is one accomplishment that I'm pretty proud of...maybe I'll get that on youtube pretty soon...

Hi Donna!!

Definitely...the bike ride was a blast! To be able to just appreciate the outdoors for a change is something else. I know you love your runs outside (I think Kali does too)....I tell ya, it's nice to be out there, spending time with the older boys yesterday and at the same time getting a good cardio in as well.

Alright guys...will be checking you guys out in a bit.