Monday, November 30, 2009

A Fun Workout

Did an MBodystrength KB/BW routine yesterday before heading out to a party in the afternoon. Played some 3 on 3 2 hand touch football with some good friends of mine at a party yesterday. Man, football is fun to watch but harder to play. I mean talk about stopping on the fly, juking, trying to cover wide receivers and trying evade defenders. Man...I'm a big fan of football (Go Chargers!) and it's a spectacle to watch but even just to play for kicks - it's a really hard sport!!! was a mixture of 30 year olds and high school kids so you can just imagine how challenged we 30 year olds were compared to these kids.

Anyway, got up this morning nice and sore at the right places. Did a circuit workouts but felt I really can do more with this, so I've been adding Cosgrove Complexes this month with my own interval style training in the end.

Again..I don't really care much for muscles. But I like the metabolic effects of circuit training. I don't want to mislead anybody here but I'd rather do these routines than do cardio all day for off day routines. Still working on my nutrition a little more but I just like to workout and do these things when I know my body is capable of doing so.

So after dropping the kids to school and my little one with me in the garage..I did a wild, wicked metabolic workout which I put different routines in one workout which I actually liked. The interval session was something I thought of on my own:

a) DB/BW circuit for 3 rounds
b) Alwyn Cosgrove BB complex consisting of:
- Romanian Deadlifts
- Hang cleans - to front squat - to over head press (hybrid lift)
- Reverse Lunges
c) Interval Training 6 cycles
- BB Snatches 65x5x6
- KB Swing 35x25x6
- 100 yard hard sprint on treadmill (estimated the distance on my distance tracker on my treadmill 9/10 intensity x 6 cycles

One word: drenched. Loved it. Phew!

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