Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Combination/Hybrid Lift Video

Here's a video I did just a few minutes ago (after a workout early this morning)...just wanted to demonstrate a great workout that uses minimal space and just a barbell if you're crunched for time. Lots of people can benefit from this as it can really save alot of time in busy gyms. It's also a great fat burning routine you can do at home if you have a home gym.

Exercises involved:
Front Squat
Overhead press

Look and watch how the bar stays at certain plane and does not veer away from the start point. Too much rocking, too much unnecessary movement - form suffers as well as quality of the routine. So start conservatively and work your way up when you can apply good form. This is with a 95 lb load here (Bar + 2 25 lb plates).

Much like complexes and circuit training, hybrid/combination lifting is a very metabolic and highly effective approach to fat loss. Got introduced and learned this from Chris Lopez from fitandbusydads and have enjoyed this approach to lifting from time to time ever since. I actually used the camera I won from his website last year. Many thanks again, Chris....

Anyway, sorry if the lighting sucks - as it was in the confines of home...but check it out. I actually did a few takes before this one so yes, you can say my form is a bit beat up here.

Anyway, happy viewing...til next time.

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JUJU said...

Looks like you've upgraded your home gym!! Loved the video, after 1 month out of gym, I've started again the HCFL and the Clean and Press is always a killer... I can imagine how tough it should be with a front squat combined!! Great to see you're rocking as always, miss ya budy!