Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some Changes Coming Up in 2010!

As the year's almost ending - I'm quickly getting ready for some new change ups in my training approaches starting 2010. New decade - a fresh start of workouts.

Can't wait to get this started.

HIIT over slow cardio, eating right instead of surgical means and other artificial means...natural nutrients over supplements...the "I WANT TO" mindset instead of the "I NEED TO" mindset. The methodology is simple...but to take action isn't as simple.

Mindset is everything..."infinite intensity" is crucial. No slacking off here come 2k10... =)

Let's not re-invent the wheels but keep the wheels rollin into 2010.

Time to take that "monkey" off my back entering 2010 and keep that focus going.'s time to shake that monkey and bounce that ass, baby....hahahaha! (Sorry, it's a song.)

MikeZ aka Smoke is right. There's just way too much hype of programs out there that all they want is your hard earned dollars of essentially the same stuff that the "informed" fitness junkie knows already. Don't get sucked in the hype. There's genuinely great ones (a few are listed on my blog) and Im sure there are plenty more out there...but I have a few I have my 100% trust in and I believe at a personal are the approaches that I should base my training on. Don't get sucked in the gimmickry. No one training philosophy is the right way to train anyway.

It's what you believe in and what you put in that gives you the results.

The next few months should be interesting. Can't wait!!!


Roundballnz said...

Great new look on your blog there Andy .....

A lot of what you have written here reflects current thoughts in my head ....

in case we don't talk again soon

Have a great Xmas/new year/Hogmany or whatever you celebrate ... see you on the other side!


Andy said...

Thanks my man.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and yours!

Here's to better health in 2010!!