Thursday, December 3, 2009

Early Bird Thursdays

Got up early this morning. Well I always do for the most part but morning workouts rule!

Did a nice cool jog downtown with my gym backpack on. Nothing fairly heavy on it - just my scrubs, a water bottle and some snacks to munch on throughout the day. Nike Frees on - it was on like the break of dawn, Baby. Did a couple rounds around the downtown area which was good. Haven't done that in ages!

Good warm up. But that could get boring really fast.

Wasn't intending to do any weights today but I felt like doing something a bit more dynamic and more fun than running. Plus it definitely would help some sore muscles I'm having right now. So after a nice BW warm up, here it is...

a) One arm DB OH Snatches
b) 2 handed DB Swings
c) Speed rope
d) Hanging Leg raises fast tempo

More Core work
Stab ball rollout
Plank hands on ball
Side Planks
Spiderman Climbs
Saxxon side bends

Nice and efficient. More of a cardio/core workout than anything here. I'm such a nutbag. Not trying to hit any specific muscle group except for my core and a power move with the one handed dumbell snatches...wasn't that bad of a deal. Not running myself out either.

Weighed myself again today. 5 lb weight lost in just a month or so of cleaner eating and exercise. BF down by 2% as well.

Happy Thursday!

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