Monday, December 7, 2009

How to fix knee pain

Wow...cold and wet out here today.

Knees are starting to act up again. Need to get back into more corrective stretching. I don't know why, but the knees are definitely hurting once again. Age. Wear and tear. Who knows. But I do know foam rolling does help...have to do them more often than how I've been doing them the past few weeks. Plus yoga helped me tremendously in the past. Need to get back into that as well here.

It's probably from all that needless running I've been trying to do lately especially in the cold mornings downtown over here. For those who haven't done them before - I highly suggest you start doing them soon.

All that wear and tear can really wear you down! My knees have never been 100%.

But here's a great video that I've kept on my youtube account that might want you to give foam rolling a try.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy!
It just so happens that I have "foam roller" at the top of my Christmas list this year...
Hopefully Santa will take pity on my "roller-deprived" legs and I'll find one under the tree this year! (If not, I'll have to play Santa for myself...!)
Take good care,

Roundballnz said...

From another OAP, its the running which is killing the knees, the foam stuff will help though.

Alex said...

Foam rollers are one of the most useful tools in the gym. I almost always have my clients roll out before beginning any routine.

Andy said...

Hi Jake...thanks for the visit. Foam rolling before a workout sounds like a plan. Should definitely incorporate that more. Thanks for the tip!