Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Drop it Low..

Still here. What a the ages of 2 and 5, it such a really good age and pleasure where as a father am really enjoying more quality time with them, which is why I haven't been blogging as much as I would like. I will always put those little guys up first - always. I really appreciate my role as a Dad now than I was when they were younger, little babies. Now that they're involved in some team sports...that just gets me even more motivated than ever before.

Not that I haven't been training...I've been training - but what I've been trying to do these past few weeks is trying to adjust to my daily food consumptions. It's not going to be overnight - but am taking things generally slow and steady, applying what I've learned over the course of 3+ years. But you have truly have to get the mindset settled first before you can expect to see progress.

Main thing for me right now is to get consistent once again with my eating habits. Workouts are consistent, diet has been - I'll say so so but definitely on the up and up so and hope to only improve on it everyday. But I'm getting there. Just keeping things simple on that aspect of losing fat and not being over obsessed with it. Psychologically...that's the #1 thing here - don't overobsess yourself, or your going to fail. Not training for a sport or a contest here - so the "pressure" is not as bad if I were. But the pressure and accountability to myself is still there to continue to make healthier lifestyle changes as best as I can.

That's the whole enchilada right there...

Lots of goals set out to begin the year. Happy to have improved on strength. Now i REALLY just want to buckle down on nutrition and lean out. Took 2 weeks to play around with certain approaches to get my niche and my mindset back - now playtimes over and I think I found a program that I just may enjoy. So I'm excited about that.

Not shooting for the 6 pack this time. Not worried about that at all this time around. Just enough bodyfat to get through those hot summer days in San Diego and not have to cover up all that fat that lies under the clothing. I can just feel it in my clothing...and when that happens, it's time to drop the weight.

Well, guess I found my motivation haven't I?

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