Monday, March 8, 2010

Target, aim and swing!

After picking up my boys from school at noon, I took them to a baseball park right next to where we live and had them tee off some balls for practice. Just started them to a t-ball league for the spring season coming up. It took alot of encouraging starting off, but now they are thoroughly enjoying the sport plus it gets them out there with other boys which is good at this age. They are still learning the basic fundamentals of the game, so it's a pretty exciting time as a parent to see them and give them some guidance on swinging, catching and throwing.

It's a great feeling how you can apply workouts to real life situations, much like the session I had with their t-ball on a gloomy Monday afternoon: You learn and you apply. You keep learning and you keep applying. You will get better.

After last week's trial run of a program circuit program, I've decided to mix it up with my own stuff this week. Still circuit training but will use a variety of similar approaches using the same concept split from Rosstraining. Today was work capacity so I mixed it up here with a kettlebell/bodyweight circuit. It was brutally fun. By the end of the first round, you'll be sweating like a pig.

5 rounds, 1 minute rest between circuits using a 54 lb Kettlebell:
a) One arm KB Push press 5 reps/arm
b) KB front squats 5 reps
c) One arm KB snatches 5 reps/arm
d) One arm KB swings 5 reps/arm
e) Burpees 10 reps/circuit

Tomorrow it's is just like hitting a ball - lockdown your target, aim and swing.

Til next time.


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