Friday, May 7, 2010

Essentials for an Effective Home Gym

If you like working out at home, you got to have some pieces of equipment to make your workouts fun, safe and efficient. As I got better and well versed, I came to the conclusion that I must have these essentials to keep my home gym workouts much like a commercial gym without the necessary bullshit that you see in these type of gyms. I've had my best workouts at home.

So overtime I have invested in are a few tools and why I use them:

1) Weight vest - Do you like body weight but the exercises get too easy? I do. Get a Weight vest for added intensity. If it's too heavy you can remove weight to your liking and add as you get stronger. They are probably the best investment to make bodyweight exercises even more challenging.

2) Kettlebells - want to save your knees from all that running? Get a kettlebell. they are way more superior towards conditioning than running is (if you hate running alot). Plus tossing weight in limited space and time - kettlebells are perfect for a full body workout.

3) Floor Mats - Unless you like hardsurfaces to do bw exercises, you got to have these. they are excellent tools for yoga and bodyweight circuits. I have the interlock ones and a yoga mat. Must have!

4) A Foam roller - many people overestimate the strength of their legs until they realize that their knees overtime get all bent out of shape. Don't be like me! Get yourself some self therapy and start to foam roll! You'll thank me later...

5) an MP3 player - I have 3 different kinds of ipods. If you want to crank the music up but don't want to wake up the kids or your neighbors - get yourself an mp3 player.

Other essentials would be a storage/rack for your plates, some bands and some medicine balls of various sizes and your set.

~ Andy

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