Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pull ups and an Interesting Story

Here's an interesting story to share...

Was at nurse training last week and a female co-worker happened to be seated right behind me started flirtishly poking me like a Pillsbury Dough Boy, rubbing the left side of my back and patting my shoulders. "Hey've been working out haven't you. Nice back. Love it." I blushed with a simple "thank you".

Honestly, I think my back isn't as "hot" as I thought it once was.

Reason being: I haven't been really working on 'em as much as I used to.

So now, I've made a 12 week commitment to get my real back BACK! So that's my intention: 15 or more hang dead pull ups by the end of 12 weeks.

Been on a lean out seriously for about a month now. Lost a total of 6 lbs so far. But I realize I need to lose alot more. I was tossing up between a higher jump or a stronger back - either which way - I need to drop a little.

So today, for the fun of it. I cranked out 6 good ones with good form. Should have did more. But I'll keep it at 6 and work from there.

Here's a cool video from a good online friend, Mark from mbodystrength. Check it out, it's crazy...

Here we go!!!!

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