Thursday, May 27, 2010

You can't change an old picture..but you can do something about it!

Seeing an old group picture with friends and coworkers once again was an eye popping experience for me - they always will be because you can't ever change a picture. They're like permanent memories of what once was.

There was a photo taken back in 1998 and one in 2004...I can't believe I actually looked like that (although I really could).

Looking back it almost puts a tear in my eye again...

I'll say within a span of 10 years from 1997-2007 - I was at my worst weights ever - before this weight issue became uncontrolled, I was hovering around the 145-155 lb weight class since my high school days through college. I was lean (not cut)...but I was into athletics back then so I was always in shape.

But when I got older, finally landed a real job...making my own money...doing my own thing --- Man, I was pretty big and unhealthy!!! My face looked like a hot air balloon ready to burst arms were flab - and obviously was the biggest guy in every picture I have in our albums of friends and family.

Some co workers who have never seen me that overweight can't believe...but I can. And anyone else who believes in themselves that they can make a personal change for the better, will agree. You can't change the past...but you can always change the present - if you really want to.

Nothing ever too late to do something about it.


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