Friday, May 30, 2008

Guest Blog: Social Support For Fat Loss Is Better Than Intervals

Created by Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Social Support for Fat Loss is Better Than Intervals

There's something out there that's even better than interval training for fat burning.

But NO ONE talks about it.

In fact, it's even more powerful than the TT workouts.

It's better than slow cardio, Body-For-Life, Hip Hop Abs, P90X, Kettlebells, Barbells, dumbells, and doorbells.

It's called, SOCIAL SUPPORT.

It's true. Social support kicks any workout's butt.

I truly believe that if you have social support than you can succeed on any fat loss program. Even long slow cardio workouts.

Social support is that powerful.

And that's why...

I created the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest .

That's why I have a forum where men and women from all over the world can share their trials and tribulations and find someone else who has gone through and overcome the same struggles they are going through right now.

That's why I give bonus memberships to folks who help out the most on the forum. Because I know they bring untold value to the lives of other members.

You can't place a value on the feeling that positive words can have on your mood when you are frustrated and disappointed by a snack you shouldn't have eaten or a workout you might have skipped.

But your social support group will always be there to pick you up when you are down.

They'll push you further on days where you think you can start coasting.

TT Members will even check in and ask why you haven't posted your workouts in days.

They'll help you "throw 7 different kinds of smoke in your fat burning workouts". (Sorry, inside joke with TT Members.)

Heck, TT Members will even show up on your doorstep at 5:30am and remind you that it's time to workout!

(Okay, they might not do that last one...Yet.)

So if you don't have social support in your fat loss lifestyle, make that priority #1 today!

-> Find a workout mentor at your gym.

-> Hook up with a nutrition buddy at work.

-> Pick someone in your family and make them hold you accountable for your eating and exercising decisions.

-> Say to a trainer at your gym, "hey, can you help me?"

Those are powerful words right there. "Can you help me?"

So hard to say, yet so wonderful to hear.

You know, one of those "little things in life" that makes me really happy is being asked for directions by visitors to Toronto. It just makes me feel good to help someone new to the city find their way around town.

And it will be the same way in the gym when you ask someone with more experience to give you a hand.

They will be MORE than happy to help you. To mentor you.


And believe me, nothing will get you the results that support from others will get you.

Don't try doing this all on your own when there are so many people, so many strangers even from all over the world, who are happy to help you succeed! (And to save you from making the same mistakes that they made in the past.)

See you on the forums,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training


Andy said...

The Power of Social Support is key. When I started off in the fat loss journey, my friend and I would always give each other wake up calls at 4:15 AM (whoever woke up first) in the morning. Yup 4:15 am in the morning! Since we kind of branched off, yet we still get up at 4:15 am in the morning during the week and still head off to the gym or in my case in my home gym for the most part. We are a group of 3 people (working on #4 as we speak) at work that pretty much are lunch pals and keep everything we eat really clean: veggies, moderation of carb intake, lean proteins, increasing uptake of water...we carpool and meet each other at the gym parking lot every morning regardless of whether we workout out or not - because we believe there is no pressure in working out everyday from any of us, again we realize we do have families and that ultimately is a personal decision to want to workout. But if one of us can't make it - we still manage to wait on that the other guy to finish off his/her workout as we wait in our cars before heading off to work. WE share health tips and articles with each other (we're all nurses so we can use certain terms in our conversations that many would not understand). Plus there's no negativism only optism with us too and that's important!!!!!!

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Jo said...

Thanks for the great advice.