Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weekly Abs Update and my Right Knee

Had the XR of my right knee yesterday. Was so wanting to just not push through with it for fear of not wanting to know (now I know how football players feel). Well, called my Doc's office this afternoon and it appears to be a joint effusion in my right knee. Basically it's fluid build up possibly from surrounding tissues or some synovial fluid build up from mostly likely a slight stretch or possibly even a tear (?) in the MCL because that's where I feel it an anatomical standpoint (won't really know unless I get an MRI). It's not that bad as range of motion isn't so hindered where I can't walk right or what not. And more importantly: NO FRACTURE, NO GROSS SWELLING (however the XR does show some fluid build up there.). It's actually painless as we speak and neither has it bothered me much all day but am taking it cautiously here. So the likelihood of it getting better is great, I just don't think I'd be pushing it full throttle with any type of leg exercise and go gung ho (I know better than that). A neoprene brace is definitely something I will be using here on out for BOTH Legs no matter what as a precaution. An MRi was not recommended by the Radiologist in the report (which is a good thing) but I will be discussing this at length with my doctor soon.

It really sucks to have suffered from something like this but it happens. Things I will change up here (as I will take it conservatively here on out):

- Will resort to a more conservative form of cardio for now. Will up intensity if I feel it's ok. I will let pain or absence thereof be my guide on cardio work.

- Will continue to take the following supplements REGULARLY instead of sporadically: Glucosamine 1500 mg/d (for healthy cartilage and joints; Vitamin C 500 mg twice a day (helps with keeping healthy connective tissues and ligaments).

- Light weight if any weight at all with any leg required exercise.

- Will wear a brace to both knees every workout and while at work.

Great TT workout today..took a page from a great circuit workout that I did this morning. Some decent chest work and lateral delt work done as well...I'm bummed that going all out with some exercises isn't in the near future for me. Have to think long term here, last thing I need to know is I've developed degenerative arthritis at the age of 40 (too young)! Workouts may not be a 100% but I am so watching my nutrition either way and taking it strategically everytime I put something in my mouth.

Anyway, I was not able to post my Sunday pic here so here it is now. Sorry! No hat or hood this time. :)


Juan said...

Hey bro looking good man. I'm glad that you went and had your knee checked out. I definitely understand how you feel about not being able to give it your all, but I'm glad that you know better and are giving yourself the time that you need to get that taken care of. Honestly if it wasnt for you and the TT crowd I would have just kept pushing right through my shoulder pain probably making it worse like a big dummy.

It sounds like you have a good plan set up for protecting your knee I hope it serves you well man.

scorpiogrrl said...

Andy bit of a shame about your knee but you seem to be doing a good job looking after it and working around it. Keep it up and hope it's better soon.

Andy said...

Hi Juan...definitely thought this one out big time. Thanks for the comments! The brace really helped with my morning workout again which was good. It will get better...thanks bro. is a bummer aint it? Sigh...Oh well.. I've always had "chicken legs" and my knees weren't always the most durable of joints after years of playing volleyball, overweight, losing weight over the years...I just have to deal with this the best way I can. Staying positive!