Monday, May 26, 2008

Knees, Kettlebell Hunting...and some great "Turbulence" Shoes

Right knee is feeling much better. Should be good to go but still will take it conservatively with a brand new knee neoprene brace I bought that straps around the knee with 2 velcro straps and nice cushioning around the patella. Will still be switching up intervals however (because I still notice my knee bothering me at the end of my runs so may limit running to 2 times a week. Again, pain will dictate what I do!).

My obsession with the Kettlebell is finally unfolding here. Found a local fitness store (the same place I mentioned in my last blog) and contradictory to what I thought was a closeout actually wasn't. They specialize in alot of quality fitness equipment we see today in city wide gyms, mma training clubs, home name it - these guys have it. And best of all they have a KB sale for 15% off their listed prices as follows:

4KG / 9LB $15.99
8KG/18LB $30.99
12KG/26LB $44.99
16KG/35LB $61.99 (The one I'm planning to get. $52.69 with 15% off plus tax)
20KG/44LB $75.99
24KG/53LB $91.99
28KG/62LB $106.99
32KG/70LB $120.99
KB RACK $249.99

Place is called ifitness at this website: It's a local fitness store about 15 minutes from where I work. They even have Powerblocks which is pretty damn nice too. Definitely taking a trip up there this week as the sale is only til the end of this month. Yes!

On the shoe side...if it isn't comfortable enough for me - I just can't see myself using them. I'm very picky when it comes to running shoes or any shoe in particular. I have been a huge fan of Adidas for many years but since last year, I've been using a great pair of running shoes by Nike called Nike Air Turbulence +. It's Ipod Nano compatible that has the capabilities with a sole sensor to tell you how far you've run if you like outdoor runing (I don't have a Nano unfortunately..I have the 30 GB video. I understand they are much cheaper now. I'm such a cheap-o! Sorry! Hahaha!). The one I've been using (like forever) have really been run down (probably contributed alot with my runner's knee) and was fortunate to land me another pair of these nice shoes for $35 at a Nike Outlet store here in San Diego. Actual price for these is actually $88. Got me some nice soles for medium arches to go with em, so I should be good to go here.

I actually have about 10 more sessions to go on my current program (not including recovery days) I can't wait to take a break for a little bit before hopping on a new program shortly.

Happy Memorial Day!


Juan said...

Hey bro glad to hear that the knee is feeling better for the most part. Smart decision though to stay conservative with it for a while longer.

Let me know what you think of the kettlebell when you get it. I have been looking into sandbag fitness training myself. Nothing too out of control but a little something to do during my recovery days. Been hearing some good reviews on using them for workouts. Might give it a try here and there.

My friend actually has a pair of those shoes that are ipod compatible. Maybe its just me but wow things are definitely getting crazy. Shoes that have electronics built into them wow. Thats all I have to say about that lol.

Well bro keep up the good work. Take care of that knee man.

Darryl Holtby said...

I completely get you on the shoe thing. I'm currently wearing Nike/Bauer Free Trainer 7.0 Cross Trainer. They are so light it's as if you're not wearing shoes and great for sports training like hockey.

I think your shoes are compatible with all ipods as it's software that gets install on the ipod to track your running and all hook ups are the same on the 30Gb and nano. Never really looked into it, but I would assume this.

Kettlebells are the rage right now, but I don't know if the benefits outweigh the pricing tag they carry. I've been debating and debating this whole thing for 4 months now. If you purchase them let me know what you think.