Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An Inspiring Video of the Wonder Twins

Wow...I'm a huge youtube guy. There is so much that can be found on that website that can suit one's personal interests, self motivation and for the benefit of self knowledge through cyberspace all within reach of your's incredible.

Anyway, I found an extraordinary video last week or so ago on some twins that are about my size with a passion to one day dunk a basketball on a 10 foot rim. One young man was 5'7 and the other was 5'8. You can really see the dedication and desire to be able to reach the rim and they did...I can see the closeness these twins have with themselves to achieve this...constantly pushing themselves "above the rim."

Talk about finding my motivation...they certainly found their's. In themselves.

This video is so inspirational. It's proof that these young men prove a point here and did just that via video to the naysers who said they couldn't do it. Talk is cheap. Just do it. What else can I say but let their actions speak louder than words.

I'll call them the "Wonder Twins" in hopes that one day my own twin boys will be able to do just as these young boys: to want something so bad and have the passion and motivation to get it. Juan: if you're reading this, brother and are watching the video: STAY STRONG and always BELIEVE.

Few pics to post for the day here as well. Never really took shots from my back so I I took one tonight.

Til next time!

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