Sunday, July 20, 2008


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Anyway, took Saturday as a rest and recovery day. Last week’s workouts involved a lot of squats, power snatching and split jerk exercises, core training...and plenty of volleyball all last week. Very intense but not very regimented training in the weight room but the focus here was getting leg strength, overall explosiveness and power so it did require longer rests. I’ll admit, my knees have been so-so here so as I’m giving them time to heal up (I honestly think it’s patellar tendonitis. Haven’t had formal diagnostic testing to rule this out but based on what some Doctors with whom I work with - and them manipulating it, it looks to be just that apparently)...but as the knees are slowly becoming better and the pain more tolerable, I’m gradually getting a good feel on how to approach my training program here shortly. Not that I should stop playing volleyball because I know I am physically capable to do so but I won’t kid myself here either. I played volleyball 3 x this past week and I’m realizing that may be a bit too much on the knees so I may cut back to 1-2x week again. I have to give those knees some kind of rest. So I may take a whole week off this coming week but might be hooking up with a friend I met at the rec last Friday so we may do Tuesday this week for some court drills, sparring and fine tuning some techniques.

Worked til the late evening and still managed to watch the Dark Knight with the family for the last full show (surprisngly the boys were just as involved in this great movie than we were). The late Heath Ledger is definitely an Oscar nominee with his performance in this movie. So sad thinking about his passing a few months ago. Rest in peace Mr. Heathe Ledger.

Favorite Joker quote in that movie:
"This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object." - the Joker.

Hands down the best Batman movie ever made in my opinion.

Fast forwarding to today..Got up at 10 am this morning (long day yesterday), managed to loosen up my knees with a good warm up and finished off the workout with some stretching and foam rolling. Did some basic plyo work (most of this is done with playing volleyball anyway) and some shoulder rotation exercises (laying down on side and externally rotating each arm with a DB handle with no weight). After a good 10 minutes of that, I did Ross Enamait’s Magic 50 routine with the use of a 35 lb Kettlebell but with some extra work done on top of it.

Warm up (plyos in here as well):
Standing shoulder rotations
Lying external rotations
Plyometric pushups
2 leg hops (variations of side to side/front to back)
Low step ups
1 legged deadlifts with 5 lb DB plate swing at the up movement.

Did 5 cycles of the following circuit:

KB snatches 5 on each arm
KB High pull with KB swing 5/per arm
Burpees 10 reps
Rest 60 seconds and repeated for 4 more cycles

Ab circuit (1 circuit):
Ab curl ups
X body mountain climbers
50 regular crunches

Volleyball swings with ball a Tm Volleyball Pal for (right arm swings only here. Focusing on range of motion and technique) 10 minutes. No jumping movement here.

12lb medicine ball 2 hand throw with both legs elevated approximately 12 inches off the floor 25 reps/each set for 4 sets

After this post, will be taking this afternoon to type up a word format of my workout routine and schedule. Should be fun.

Have a great Sunday....

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