Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Through the roof...well, not exactly.

Another late blogpost. Anyway, great game tonight at the open gym. 6 on 6 (coed) and had a blast. 5 kills tonight! Whoohoo.

Just got done with icing up the knees and foam rolling...now some blogging. :)

As I mentioned previously, happy with my jump so far. 26 inches...maybe even higher. Did some plyo's and jump drills at the park today. My knees have been feeling really good but again there have been times when they feel like crap. Been able to do some sprints (aprroximately 50 yards) on the small grass soccer field which was a nice change up for me as it was out in the open on a nice, warm southern california morning.

Took a nap from 1-3 pm. Gave the boys a good tub bath. Then it was volleyball at 6 to 9 pm.

Finally figured out my schedule here and I think it should work.

As far as training goes..I did some TT bodyweight circuits with a 50 lb weighted vest yesterday which had me sweating like a pig. Today it was plyo's and jump training after dropping my kids off to school at the nearby rec. Tested my jump on the 10 foot rim again and just about 2 1/2 inches short from touching the bottom of the rim (the rim is about 2 inches thick from top to bottom.) I am almost there. Slowly but surely...

Playing volleyball tonight there was one play where I hit the ball pretty good that it bounced off the defenders dig (he was in good position to make a great defensive play I might add). Interestingly enough, it went a good 25-30 feet up into the ceiling rafters. But whats funny about this was - the ball never came down as it hit a small bolt in the ceiling and we all just heard nothing but a hissing sound while the ball was stuck in the ceiling. It was a pretty good Tachikara indoor ball too!! I felt sorry for the young girl who owned it as she was nice enough to let us use her ball tonight as the parents were already talking about having to get a new one for her on the sidelines... :(

In this odd case, I guess not everything that goes up...comes down.

Luckily everybody who came to play tonight had our own balls so mine just happened to be the next up. Luckily I brought him home in one piece. :)

As in life...always aim high. Always keep finding ways to reinvent yourself and you just won't lose in fitness, sports and in life. You may feel you've reached certain goals but once you do reach them - don't think about stopping! There will be peaks and valleys...but keep finding other ways to continue moving on.

Who knows...maybe that ball may be flat on the court tomorrow morning for all I know. But that shouldn't stop us from playing!

Til next time!

Train smart....

~ Andy

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