Monday, September 8, 2008

Feel beat today

Man...this TT workout today was another killer exercise routine this morning. This is my 2nd attempt at it and it really is challenging. I actually felt like shortcutting here a little but getting it done was the best thing I did today to start off my day. Getting it over and done early on allowed me to take care of our move some more so it was back at the new house, with some paint work and moving some heavy fixtures from the old house to the van and to the new house. Got alot accomplished today. Working on some paint work in one of the rooms I intend to use as my new little home gym. Kind of tired of having to go downstairs in the garage and then come up to do my weights on some workouts so I'm pretty happy the wife granted my wish here. All my workout stuff will now hopefully be at a centralized location in the house now so I can't wait to get that finished with here.

Whew..."all in a day's work" - uhuh. :/

Pretty beat as it was by 11 am, went swimming at the pool and did a few laps back and forth. Felt pretty beat up as it was..but it was pretty relaxing just being able to take a few laps back and forth and enjoy the sun a bit.

Nutrition has been pretty good but definitely feel some of the EPOC effects of the workout this morning. Feels good. Should be able to get some good zzzz's tonight for tomorrow's workout.

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