Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day is a day off? Hmm. Take action and just work it.

Labor day and getting back into Turbulence Training Programs once again. Taking a step back from functional strength and sport specific training and plan to let er rip with my training and nutrition. Trying to gain some lost ground here with my current status and the forecast and nutritional trials that lie ahead for me going into the last quarter of the year. I want to be in the best shape of my life, overcome obstacles and hoping that these next coming months will truly get me there and hope to finish the year strong as ever.

Wow, nutrition has been pretty spot on today. Very proud of that. I've never had this tendency to go the bathroom to pee this many times in ages. I can almost feel a detox if you will. It's weird.

It's funny when I was loading things up in the Odyssey yesterday, my mom asked me: "What's all that junk in your van?". I told her I was loading it up so that after work tonight I would be unloading the stuff at the new house before heading home. She told me I was nuts. It was barely 9 pm and being it a "Rest Day" for me, she gave me some good solid advice: "If you can do it today...why cant you do it today. Why wait til tomorrow when you can do that today?". Damn and she was so right, best words of advice all day and it wasn't because of the stresses of our move that's been keeping us occupied the past few days but the fact that that's a motto I can apply to in anything in life.

Mom's always know what's best.

Stop procrastinating and half assing things. We all do this and I'm one of them. Stop putting things aside, learn from your mistakes, take a hold of your life and just take action.

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