Monday, September 15, 2008

The move is moving right along...

The house move over the weekend was like trying to be like the Chargers in these last minute comeback attempts these past 2 weeks - scrambling, hussling..just trying to get to the "destination" as fast as possible. Well, so far we've managed to take 3 trips from point A (old house) - to Point B (new house) with a 26 foot Uhaul truck (which I drove by the way). Luckily it was only less than 2.5 miles away. :)

In real life and with fitness goals - I learned something valuable from a personal standpoint and from friends: don't make it a sprint to the finish line. Things just can't happen the way you plan them sometimes or something's going to give. So I took 3 days rest from TT (a mini vacation! Whooho!) and hope to get back into the groove again tomorrow morning. If there's one thing this weekend and these past 2 weeks has shown me it's this: give yourself some downtime for yourself. The body and mind will definitely thank you for it. I'm Mr. Procrastinator #1 if there was such a term.

Losing weight wasn't an overnight thing for took 2 years. Moving into a new home and out of an old home doesn't get finished in a weekend either.

What's the famous cliche? Rome wasn't built overnight.

I guess that's definitely a good way to see it!!!!

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