Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gettin Ready...

With much deliberation and after a pretty solid Turbulence Training fat loss program I did for 4 weeks for the whole month of September...I have decided to go with a new TT program starting tomorrow - October 1st. Still involves a good amount of lifts that I like. Was hoping to get the first day in today but was a late night last night and had to take the kids to their tiny tots school this morning. In other words: I got up late. Not too concerned to not have done a workout today but I think this day to rest and recover from a circuit training workout (still wiped me out!) yesterday and recently completing 4 weeks of a very challenging program is a good thing. I feel like the mind and body is getting reset here in terms of the new program I'm about to embark.

Will start hitting it hard again early tomorrow morning...here's to another 28 days!

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