Sunday, December 14, 2008

Leave Your Old Self Behind.....

"No more mind blocks, no more shame... freedom from the body... it's a great achievement!"

Wow...very nicely said.

A quote from a very close friend of mine I came in contact with yesterday had mentioned this to me that it made sooooo much sense, it inspired me to make a blogpost about it. Those words hit it right on the head for me in terms of how I look at things at a different light nowadays. Words ever so true looking back at my year and my own personal journey closing out this 2K8 and looking at others much like I who have gone through hell and back and really outdid themselves on a fitness standpoint regardless of how hectic life can be. Those guys and gals are my inspiration...

But the motivation is still and always will be found in me.

I looked up a great video on youtube...and it was another great Nike Ad commercial, about my favorite training shoes: the Nike Free's. I have a pair of my own, but plan on investing in some new pairs shortly.

If this video doesn't motivate you to keep going on: I don't know what will honestly.

It's about a guy, running a trail in the middle of nowhere and then stops to take a breather and was about to say: "Screw this...I've had enough! I'm done." At first glance, I was thinking...who the hell is he talking to?! Hahah! But listen closely to the's him talking to him. You want motivation: find it in yourself to carry on every damn day of your life.

No outside influences or motivators should make you want to make a change for the better...allow this to happen then you're doing it for all the wrong if for a better you...a healthier lifestyle....a healthier life...but it should always start with yourself, coming into terms with your "inner you" and making that decision to keep it going....

Again, we owe that much to our bodies...think about that for just one second.

Leave Your Old Self Behind...... Don't let your old self hold you down. Ever.

Here's the video:

We're "done"????


"I am DONE with you."


JuJu said...

Beautifully said Andy! The video is AWESOME!! Our motivation certainly comes from us, as I edited on my video from this 3rd Contest "You are in charge, you are the boss!" We command our body, and ONLY we can do it :)
"Leave your old self behind", but sometimes it's good to look back and see how great the journey has been... and yours my friend, is amazing!! Have a good weekend!

Andy said...

I remember that quote on your video, Juju: "You are in charge, you are the boss!"

Now that was awesome!!!!!

We command our body, and ONLY we can do it :)

Words well said, Juju!!!

It will always be a journey to no end and it's great to have that sense of support from some good people like yourself and many others...

Thanks for dropping by and for the nice comments!'re journey has been amazing as well. Pheeeeew!!! ;)

Let's keep on keeping on!


Roundballnz said...

Dam excellent vid Andy !!

got that no excuses attitude we all need at this time of year!

Francis said...

Great video!!! Thanks for digging that up!!!