Monday, December 15, 2008

A Nutbag? Probably...but this guy is simply amazing.

Yep...I'm a youtuber. I love youtube. Im constantly on that site trying to find that edge to get myself going on a day to day basis when I can't just find it in me to do so. And believe me...finding motivation is the toughest challenge to take head on on a personal fitness standpoint.

I just had a kick out of watching a guy named Frank Wall and his great videos just now. Although the video was posted more than a year ago, it seemed like he just got a pretty good Christmas gift in the form of a video camera and made the most of it so that he can share that great "gift" of his to the world. =)

Not many would do something nutbaggy like that and put some of that stuff on video...yet, he did with the best of intentions. Cool dude.

His videos may appear like he's a Nutbag himself...but they are utterly inspiring and very motivating to watch and witness. If you watch him and listen to what he wants to put across to his viewers you'll believe every word I just said about the guy. The guy is from Atlanta, he does have a very warm Southern heart and means well with his words. Very humble but highly motivating and he's just a normal guy like most of us which makes it even more easier to connect with the guy.

Watch and listen! He will motivate you...

He also has one helluva sense of humor about it all...He obviously loves life and lives it to the fullest. I wouldn't mind working out with this guy everyday...that's for sure!

"Commitment, Persistance, Dedication, Motivation...the power's within you." Listen to his introduction video about his thoughts about fitness, health and a little bit of his own personal background. Man just his plain DESIRE to want to help anybody who wants to make a change is so admirable. Sounds alot like my workout buddy not too long ago...

Listen and of course watch his video below. It's very candid but great stuff! Pssst...and he loves BW workouts at the park! YES!!!!!

And yes, they can be done at the beach too.

Here's another video of him with a 20 lb vest on doing a playground circuit...sprinting to a park with a video camera in one hand! He squats a bench believe it or not. He even curls it for bicep work...nutbag!!! Phew!!! hahahahahah!!!! Hey, at least he doesn't limit himself at all...he's very imaginative. And you have to be to want to keep pushing along here...never set yourself in your ways or get comfortable with anything in exercise! Push it to the limits baby!! Get creative with it!

This guys has sooooo MUCH'll feel it with this video:

I hope he realizes how he's motivated me just by watching his videos alone...awesome stuff Frank!

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