Sunday, December 21, 2008

Week In Review...take 3?

Week in Review

This may in fact be my 3rd "Week In Review" I believe since I started blogging...boy, I haven’t been doing a lot of week in reviews as consistently as I would have wanted starting it a few weeks back. Missed a few weeks with the holidays, gatherings/get togethers and all... but its time for another one of those Week In Reviews here once again:

#1 The “just get er done” attitude:

Although it’s been pretty consistent throughout the week as far as getting them done regardless of hecticness of life these days, the “just get er done” attitude has really helped me through some crunched times as of late. Home workouts and Work gyms have been the norm...But I want to re-establish a common time once again with my workouts as best as possible, come the new year that lies ahead. All this changing of times has been really tough. I want to go back to the commercial gym more often starting next my schedules may still continue to change up here and there...oh well.

Just get er done!!! =)

#2 Strength work:

Would be nice to incorporate a strength exercise once a week. Squats or Deadlifts primarily. Squatted for 300 lbs last week which I’m very proud of. Just get that bad boy up there Baby!!! Whooooooo!!!!!

“Light weeeeeeeeeiggght, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!”


#3 Fat loss and Nutrition:

For most of us it is very easy to get in some workout clothes and start exercising our butts off...but it’s always going to bottom down to nutrition no matter what. Do as much crazy stuff as we want, but if you’re not going to eat sure ain’t gonna “look right” either!!!

#4 Introducing new approaches:

I believe in learning new things and trying new things out. Some exercises just don’t feel right so I sub them. Some things maybe essentially nutbag stuff..but I learn from those, too just the same.

Damn...Yoga...what a great find! I’ve seen it, I’ve read up on it and I’ve finally really gave it a try even for just a warm up. As sissy some may think of it: it’s not that easy!!! And it’s indeed great for body flexibility or simply to correct some tight muscles that may need more attention than we think. Not easy at is seems this Yoga stuff! I thought foam rolls were it...but Yoga: whew! From Sun Salutations, Moon all the different possible poses...this is just another great one to incorporate in my weekly fitness routines....

#5 The “Comments” at the workplace:

Again...people still can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost in 2 years time. I’ve been told some weird things like:
“You already look great, but how much more do you need to lose?”
“Andy...why’d you want to lose all that weight?”
“Cmon,’s just a burrito. Is that going to kill you?”
“’s time to bulk up!!” (Heard that a few times in the past!)
The list goes on and on...while some “positive” with some subltety (like those above), most are just purely supportive which is cool. But I don’t let those subtle ones affect me one bit. I don’t know what it is that make people ask questions like that....and I honestly don’t think I’ve lost that much weight in the last month or so but I think a lot of people have noticed the physique change is all...and in the long run...I think I know very well as to the what’s and why’s now as to why I continue on with this’s for me and my own health PERIOD. My body has given me the opportunity to provide for my family, hang out with friends more with some sense of confidence, given me an opportunity to come in terms with some realities with a different perspective and it’s been nothing but positive vibes all around...but it all starts from within.

In closing....

It’s been a great year...and even a better year coming. Entering the last week of my last TT program for 2k8...and I'm going to enjoy these holidays with family and friends with some good eats (will be careful not to over indulge for sure) and all the other festive times shared around this time of the year and then will definitely be taking a break from the weights with some BW stuff (and some KB’s!) which I intend on doing the weeks after...and re-focus for the new year coming. Can't wait!


STBF said...

“Cmon,’s just a burrito. Is that going to kill you?”

Ans: No, but it would make it easier to fail and fall back into bad habits.

What 99.999999% of the population does not understand is that the line between success and failure is thinner than the hair on your head. Occasionally giving into a small temptation once every few months is one thing. Sucking down a loaded burrito just greases the path from which you fled.

Failure is not our option...neither is eating a burrito.

That being said, have a great Christmas with the family and enjoy some decadent food (just a bite or two).

Later, Mike Z

Andy said...

thanks Mikee Z...points well taken!

You too have a great Holiday Season and will be looking forward to a New Year of Nutbagging with ya!

Will be dropping by your thread here shortly....


Krissa said...

Wow! you have made some awesome progress!

My hubby's name is Andy too :)

I found the link to your blog on

Congrats on the 300lb squat!