Friday, December 12, 2008

Workout Playlists...

Don't have much to blog today so I'll share a song I have on my ipod. I have tons of songs on my ipod when I workout...literally tons (but who doesn't!). Just got a great one last night that I used for todays workout...will post a few in the future for sure to share. Here's one song I particularly get a mental boost from everytime I play it. It's a youtube video of a guy doing the drums simultaneously with a great song by Chevelle called "An Evening With Diablo". It's awesome because the drums and bass are just so rivetting you just want to keep on going with your workout routines. I pump up the volume on my playlists all the time. The beginning of the song is a great mental booster...gets me psyched up all the time. The 4 minute mark to the end is just killer, too!!!

Here it is:

Have a good weekend!

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STBF said...

Sounds like a winner for any portion of a workout with the exception of Planks. I work out at a gym and either a) listen to whatever they have on or b) the voices in my head (sometimes the voices screw with me and sing Abba's "Dancing Queen" and various Barry Manilow tunes).

I've got my MP3 Player loaded, so I may give it a listen during Sunday's LDNBWO.