Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lovin' the July Reconstruction Workout

Today should end my 3rd week into Craig Ballantyne's July 2009 Reconstruction Workout and I'm definitely feeling the benefits of a very good program. If your into sports or just banged up - this is definitely a workout to put on your must do list. I strongly recommend it. It has a good mix of bodyweight work, strength work with weights, core work and circuits to really keep that body worked up throughout the week and the Reconstruction sessions are excellent to do as an off day routine.

I think it's a great routine if you like to play sports such as volleyball. It has a blend of everything from shoulder strengthening work, unilateral name it - I think this workout has it.

I've already dropped down a decent amount of BF from this workout alone.

And again the reconstruction workouts in this specific program is really beneficial for anybody who's been training or playing sports for some time.

Craig Ballantyne talks more indepth of this particular workout in his blog. Click HERE.

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