Friday, July 31, 2009

Kettlebells and Circuit Training...a 1-2 punch!

Got up this morning at 5am for Friday's Session on Mark de Grasse's MBodystrength 12 Week Kettlebell Workout. I'm normally shooting to get to the gym between the hours of 5am-6am. That's my time and always make it a point that if I got to get up early either for some appointment, work - I'm in the gym bright and early. That's always been my thing.

This video inspired me yesterday:

So Day 5 and I'm really feeling pretty good about this 12 week program. The great thing about is you always want to improve each week. That's the challenge that I'm really excited about.

Today I managed to use 40 lb DB's in replace for kettlebells this morning. Again, these are metabolic circuits with the use of kettlebells and you dont need to go extremely heavy on these exercises but my intention is to at least get up to 50 lbs throughout each session and stick to the 40-45 lb range for the next few weeks with hopes to improve on my strength with the weights used in a progressive fashion.

Dumbells vs Kettlebells - both work just the same but a bit different because of the shape of the handles. Hope to get up to 45's next week and only get better and stronger at it as the week's progress and increasing my circuit sets in the required amount of time (these next few weeks are 30 minute workouts in this program).

Definitely getting a personal log started here. It's been a fun workout that I'm thoroughly enjoying.

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