Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's August...time to kick it up to high gear!'s already August and I'm ready to continue to get busy this whole month with Marcus Martinez's MBodystrength Workout Program. Just finished week one...time to turn it up week 2. This weekend was basically an "off day"...took a full Saturday off with the family. Got up a bit later this morning...felt like doing something today so I headed off to Veteran's Park which is only a couple minutes from home and went and did some outdoor BW circuits followed up with some sprint intervals on grass.

After this month is over - Summer will soon be over and it'll be the the last third of the year. That's one part of the year that we all seem to enjoy but also hate because of the holiday "indulgences" and tailgate parties (if you're a football fan like me). Football will be in full swing, basketball seasons should have just started as well and the cold winter months shortly follow around that time. Not going to slack up now like I did last year...but it's going to be tough so I may be changing up my workouts to a more meathead approach come the winter time. Got to get prepared for the holiday challenges!!! Plan! Plan! Plan!!!

If you look at the picture on top...that's the Pacific Ocean from my suburban neighborhood view. If you click on that picture you'll see a flag post high above and a rec gym where I play volleyball on Mondays. Just thought I'd share it in here.'s going to be 3 full years September 5th that I embarked on this fitness journey. Hard to believe it's been this long...but I've come along way since that picture down below in this blog of mine.

Living a healthier lifestyle starting off just wasn't something that turned on like a lightswitch. It took alot of understanding and putting everything all together. I will admit this though - I'm not the most consistent of dieters out there but my motto has always been this - take it one day at a time. If you slip here and there, never let that discourage your hard efforts you put in the gym but always have that mindset to always do the right thing at a nutrition standpoint.

If you want to make progress in fat loss or muslce gain - nutrition is the ticket, exercise just makes our bodies look right and really promotes an overall sense of healthy living and being. "We are what we eat" is so true. =)

I'm a firm believer that even for people who have been working out for 7,8, 10 maybe even 15-20 years will admit - it wasn't overnight for any of them either unless they juiced up, used some kind of illegal supplement or had some type of liposuction or cosmetic surgery to get there).

For just barely scratching the surface to training for only 3 years - I'm happy to have made some strides in achieving some of my own goals set forth. I'm not even at half of what maybe many of the fitness gurus I follow have under their own belts. They will always be my resources to keep things fresh in this journey.

It's people online fitnees guys like Ballantyne, Enamait, Lopez, Ledin, Martinez....people who know what they're talking about and are out there to help people as best as they can through the internet. And it's friends who I've met over time be it virtual or real - that have made my own efforts a success each day.

Find that motivation....



Anonymous said...

Nice 1-legged squat, Andy! I'm jealous!!!One of these days I'll get there...

Nice post, you said, you've come a long way in the last (almost) 3 years! You found your motivation...and you provided motivation for others along the way...I know, 'cuz I'm one of them!

Keep it up, Andy!

Be strong, stay strong,

Andy said...

Thanks've always been my motivation in here as well. When I see your workouts and all that you have going - that's very impressive. Hope to be a great parent just like you too!

Motivation is so hard to find...but that's what makes the journey so beautiful!

Let's keep rocking this thing and support one another - WE ALL NEED IT DONT WE? =)