Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hookin' Up with A Good Friend

Met with a Turbulence Training buddy of mine whom I met online at This guy is truly amazing. It was almost like a dream to have been able to actually meet in person someone I've always had been driven by when I met him online at the site about a year or so ago. A really great guy and very humble too.

Over the year or so that I've known him at the site - we've constantly been very supportive of one another in our goals and the like which always kept me motivated to do the right thing and not stray away from my goals. We occasionally would trade thoughts...but genuinely just being very supportive of one another over there was the kicker for me to keep doing what I was doing and still doing to this very day (you will find tremendous amount of support over there believe me).

That we were able to overcome our own obstacles and plateaus just through positive support alone really made a difference in both our transformations. He won 3rd place at a recent TT contest and is working on winning another one here soon hopefully with TT #5 which just officially finished yesterday (this guy is sporting a nice looking 6 pack btw!). He's looks great and to me - that's what this contest is all about: working on a defined goal and staying committed - not only for 84 days but for life. And that's what it should be all about.

The benefits of online social support truly makes a difference. It doesn't have to be online - just find support wherever and whomever you can get it from. That will be your ticket to keep that motivation and fire - because you simply can't do this alone. I honestly wouldn't be able to accomplish much of anything if I didn't get that support from my family and of course from friends - like Kerry and Ed - among others.

In less than one hour, we were able to mingle, talk (even though we were gasping for air most of the time) and still have a kick ass time doing a Turbulence Training workout. It was no surprise to me that everything I thought of him was validated in just less than one hour of hanging out with him. Really great guy.

Great workout today Kerry...Let's keep rockin it.

~ Andy


Abby said...

That's cool that you guys could meet - Looks like you had a good workout! I'm assuming that sweaty picture is post workout! ;)

Dan (ging8468) said...

Andy, that's fantastic! Gotta feel good meeting others from cyberspace. Nice hotel gym, too. Maybe I'll have to give you a shout out to hit 24-hr when I'm down there on biz next. ;)


Andy said...

Hi Abby...yup that was definitely post workout. It sure doesn't look like I even worked up a sweat though doesn't it? I actually had a sweatied up loose tang top underneath the shirt I was wearing.

Oh yeah...that workout was rockin'.

Thanks for the visit!

Andy said...

Hey Dan! Definitely up to it! And it is fun when you can meet great people like Kerry...who's just all class in my book.

If you're around town...just shoot me a message at the forums!

There's tons of 24 hour fitness gyms around here....