Saturday, August 8, 2009

A BodyWeight Strength Circuit

Got up this morning with some nice stretching and foam rolling. I was checking out Marcus Martinez's video on a very cool BW Strength Circuit. I was curious to see how this workout felt because it looked awesome watching it on video so I gave it a crack this morning. It's alot harder than it looks. I didn't feel 100% to really go balls out here - as the workout yesterday was really bad ass. So I did 3 circuits of 3 reps minus the kips, followed it up with some jumping jacks for a quick short workout this morning. No way I'm going to do kips right now but the deck hand walk outs is a pretty cool move.

Body weight training...I bet every beefcake in gyms absolutely have no desire whastoever to be seen doing them. Dont know why...but I do them at gyms, at home at parks. I guess its always about lifting heavy for them. But these are by far the best workouts you can do without a fancy gym membership.

Here's Marcus' Video of my workout this morning:

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