Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is Tough!

Did a great Yoga workout which involved core work which was a really nice change given it only took 10 minutes to do.

It's been a tough 48 hours on this nutrition trail I attempted to follow for 7 days. Really stuck with my Vegan diet experiment for 2 full days...with no cheating at all - but I cracked this morning and ended up eating some lean turkey this morning for breakfast. But still trying to keep it close to Vegan as much as possible.

Surprisingly but as expected, I lost approximately 3 lbs of water weight. Whoopee.

I can resist the temptation of carbs for the most part but I can't resist NOT eating protein sources for prolonged periods of time. I know there are meal plans out there to utilize to stay on a Vegan diet and keep food interesting but my recipe's suck. I think I can't sustain it long enough to really make it work. I'm again back to the reality of that no matter what diet approach you choose - proper, sensible nutrition is what's important here. So I sort of dropped that experiment quickly unfortunately. What my body needs I just can't seem to go without - and that means oatmeal and some rice here and there. So yes, I failed the experiment unfortunately even if it was just some lean turkey I had this morning. Going Vegan was extremely difficult for me, but it really has helped some in re-directing my diet approach some here which is got me out of the rut of eating those bad unjustifiable carbs in between meals which is a good thing. I was falling in that trap occasionally...

So it's back to a new program tomorrow. Still contemplating on what but at least I wont be too worried whether I have enough in the tank to keep up with my exercise. It's possible to keep your energy up on a Vegan diet. I've read some of the great fitness people do it so I'm not shooting it down as it is probably the healthiest way to eat.

But --- we move on.

Have a good one!

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