Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MBodyStrength Program

After a great July of Turbulence Training it's time to break loose a little here and get back to something similar I did not too long ago with Ross Enamait's Rosstraining Programs (another great program by the way. Ross' Infinite Intensity is one of the best training Books out there right now).

Anyway, after reading up on an interesting site about kettlebell training/BW training and after giving it some serious thought over the last month or so and actually giving it a test run these past few days....I realized that whoah these are some kick butt metabolic circuits!!!

Plus many of my friends who I've met at Turbulence Training are also getting into the Kettlebell craze which only motivates me even more to give this new program an honest shot. Not intending to do this for 12 full weeks, maybe not even for 6-8 weeks but we shall see!

I've been tinkering with a training program designed by Marcus Martinez and Mark de Grasse at It's a free link and he has some excellent free training programs you can choose from. His approaches involve different fat loss, strength and conditioning approaches that remind me alot of rosstraining and crossfit stuff.

MBody Strength has created a series of free workout videos for all levels of fitness. From the following:
Kettlebell training
Sandbag training
Bodyweight training
Grip training
Hybrid Training

I "virtually" met Marcus online at the rosstraining forums and also on youtube. I've thoroughly enjoyed his workouts these past 3 days and really enjoy his workout videos. Seems like a really great guy and my bullshit radar is pretty good and like the rest of my favorite fitness gurus who's workouts I've tried in the past - there's no fluff in his philosphies to training either - he just does it. Just look at his videos - you'll know what I mean.

Plus it seems like he's big fan of Nike Free's like I am! Hey, I got that pair too! :P

And he's from Southern California...

Now some of his kettlebell exercises are a bit advanced and I will sub a few if I know I simply can't do them. But I did only 3 days of his program and I'm getting my ass beat down. Literally. I hope to do his program for the next couple of weeks. There may be some substitutions here and there - but I will definitely make it my own if a have to with safety always in mind and simply have fun with it.

If you like Kettlebells...believe me - you'll certainly enjoy his stuff. Again there's beginner stuff in there as well. Check out his link and some of his free stuff he has going on at his newsletter.

Again here's his link to his site: CLICK HERE.



Roundballnz said...

Nice stuff there Andy ......

Andy said...

it's definitely good stuff over there Alex!