Monday, January 26, 2009

Hardcore TT'ing Once Again...

Hardcore TT'ing once again...not that the last program I was on wasn't...I think my body really benefitted from that routine in many ways than I can imagine. I will always love circuit training...but I'm really enjoying this new program very much. Now this is an ass kicking program hands down.

I primarily like to workout at home or at work...but today I decided to take my TT routine to my ever lovely commercial gym on a Monday morning...sigh. I needed a squat rack so I really had no choice.

Anyway....."Welcome to the jungle!!!"...Now this is where you will see all sorts of weird things on a Monday morning.

Things I noticed at the gym today:

Hardly anybody supersets...let alone does circuits over there.

NOBODY does interval training on a treadmill at this gym I go to...not even in the typical early mornings I go in. It's always that slow boring cardio on an eliptical, bike or treadmill.

Everybody works chest on Monday. All BB flat benches were taken. Luckily not many use dumbells this time of day over there.

Alot of people spend so much precious gym time on isolation exercises more than anything. From ab crunches on a decline bench, to bicep curls, to triceps pressdowns, to leg extensions...

Squat racks are totally untouched on Mondays.

People workout the muscles they see on a mirror 9 times out of ten. BTW, we have a very glaring, unsightful cracked mirror at the dumbell station for some reason...

A lady doing the leg abductor machine while talking on a cellphone with no bluetooth to be more specific. Now, how do they do that so effortlessly?!

This was hillarious and annoying as hell at the same time. A guy bringing in his nice looking apple laptop and using his laptop as an MP3 player next to a treadmill near me casually walking on a treadmill and sipping on some Gatorade the entire time. Verrrry annoying.

And the only great thing I saw today was a lady with a pre weighted barbell. Saw she was doing lunges and rows with them in superset thing I saw my whole 1hour there.

Good for her...


Roundballnz said...

Classic - posts like this remind me why I go to a boutique gym !

See Craig caught onto the fact its your Birthday as well ... Have a good one !!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Andy. I run into a similar type of thing at the gym I go to, especially on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after work...lots of DB curls and tricep kickbacks (waste of time)and people "Bogarting" the BB benches while they chat it up with their buddies.

I guess the key is to find the right time when fewer people show up.

By the way, that guy with the Mac sounds totally annoying. (I'm sure he needed that Gatorade with all that walking he was doing!)


STBF said...

I've gotten to know quite a few people working out at my gym over the past two years and most of them are still doing the same routines...expecting different results. Below is a real conversation where I stuck my under-appreciated two cents.

Jaime (20ish blond with lean and muscular body..runs a lot..does some bw stuff and incorporates the BOSU) was doing a back to back sets of the inner-thigh machine and stomach crunches (machine). I was nearby when an older gentleman came up and asked Jaime a question.

Old guy: I'm not asking to be funny, but why do you do those two exercises together?

Jaime: Well, I like doing these and since they're close to each other, I just do em together.

Smoke: Actually, Jaime likes to superset two worthless exercise just to limit the amount of time she's wasting.

Either Jaime appreciates the sarcasm or she's just used to me giving her a hard time.

JuJuYeS !!! said...

I can see you had a great time already at the gym :) where's the PARTY???

Anna said...

Those are some funny stuff, Andy. The sad thing is, they are so true and I notice them all the time! Great post!

Roundballnz said...

Ouch!! or you were standing just the right distance away not to be slapped!

Here I was thinking Americans just didn't get sarcasm - always find myself having to explain my self to them - its second nature for me to have sarcasm on my tongue

Andy said...

whoa...just catching up with this blog! Thanks guys (and gals)!!!