Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Morning Metabolic Circuit

Time: 9am
Garage Workout

Challenge workout for myself...

I. General Warm Ups

II. Circuits x 5 rounds
- 20 s work/10s rest
- getting as much reps in within a 20 sec window with good form

Jump Rope
10 sec rest
12 lb Med Ball Slams
10 sec rest
Power Station ½ way Push ups fast tempo (neutral grip hold)
10 sec rest
Eccentric Wide Grip Pull Ups (Only Slow Tempo exercise here in the circuit but hard)
10 sec rest (Gloves on)
Fast Continuous, Heavy Bag Punching at one specific target of bag, legs moving moving simultaneously with the punching (“crab walk” -like fashion)
10 sec rest (Gloves off)
Close grip Pushups with Spiderman Climbs
10 sec rest
Power station BW dips (½ way at the negative)
10 sec rest
Hanging Leg Raises
30 sec rest (Repeat 4 more times)

Circuit Finisher:
Advanced Burpees (Burpees with Push up, jump to full wide grip pull up) = 15 reps

III. Core Specific Training
A. 200 rep Med Ball Challenge (1 circuit)
Big circles
Wood Choppers
Standing Torso Twist
Squat to OH press
Lying Med Ball crunch
Rocky Solos
Toe Touches
45 degree torso twists
Suitcase Crunches
Diagonal Crunches

B. Med Ball Throws (done in the backyard)
Overhead throw to approximately 10 feet away, run, pick up and overhead throw back to starting point. Each overhead throw is one rep = 20 reps

III. ½ mile Hard Run (Treadmill)

- 4'30" (I just flat out suck.)

IV. Shoulder Strengthening
- Using 10 lb KB
a. Close Body External Rotations
b. 90 degree rotations (Elbows up and away, pulling upwards)
c. Cross body to overhead pull to working arm

V. Foam Rolls and static stretching

-- Enjoy the weekend!


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Anonymous said...

Wow. I was out of breath reading through your 1st circuit. (Of course I did read it 5 times...)

Amazing Andy. I'm not even gonna try this one. (maybe in pieces...)

Nice workout!