Saturday, January 10, 2009

Week in Review

Great week the past week! Taking a full week to get alot of that junk food out of my system really worked.

1) Dropped a few more lbs on my morning weigh in. I know I'm going to lose some muscle here but I'm definitely in that fat loss mode once again. Nutrition is the whole name of the game here the next 12 weeks - and it's fun eating again (those Holidays were no joke). Definitely keeping the cals in check. Will be awfully tough if the Chargers keep pushing on here. Got to buckle down. No more alcohol and useless carbs if I can avoid it. I'm not much of a drinker anyway just in social gatherings is all...I know it can be avoided.

2) The circuit workouts are doing great too. Can't be going too heavy here while on a fat loss program. Main reason why I took a break from any type of weight training for a week. Got to get that mindset out of my system (except for strength work). Hitting a circuit training program I'm doing over at Turbulence Training is doing me wonders right now. Did do some strength work on the DB bench presses the other day but one of my goals is to increase in that aspect while still maintaining a more strict diet. I love the combination of body weight + resistance work via circuits and intervals via Turbulence Training principles and a few of my own.

3) Yoga is doing me wonders. It truly is. I can't believe how beneficial this is. I also got this Dr. Scholl's cordless Percussive Massager for a Christmas gift from a friend that works like a charm on top of my foam rolls. It's awesome.

4) Nike Frees came in the other day. Perfect time to break those in with some HIIT and leg work the upcoming weeks.

5) Wii Fit. What a game! We got it (the Wii) for the kids for Christmas and they had their first dose of it last night - so did I!! The boys definitely worked up a sweat - they konked out pretty quickly after the milk. =)

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JuJu said...

What a great week Andy!
You are really back on track to ROCK my friend!!! YESSSSS!
keep it keep it keep it UP!! :)