Monday, January 12, 2009

My 20 Rep Wide Grip Pull Up Challenge

I was emailed by a good friend of mine and confidant about all things fitness about my goal to do 20 full wide grip pull ups by the end of 12 weeks. This friend of mine actually said it might be a bit too low for me. OK: Perspectives have changed here: RESET...I’m going to aim to do more than 20 reps then!

I think my friend is right: I guess it’s ok to aim for more but never less!

I’m getting each attempt each week on video for my own reference and fun.

Here is my 1st attempt that I did last week. This was all after a did a Turbulence Training workout prior to doing this by the way...did 2 shoots but went with the 2nd one for reasons I don’t know why. Then another online friend and fitness confidant was inquiring why no voice? Sigh...ok, so today I got up early and did my 2nd attempt for this week on a fresh body with some voice in it this time.

I can do neutral grips pretty easily...but I want to get better at wide grips! That’s one of my goals for 2009!

Here’s Week 1 where I did 13 reps (Sorry had to give props to my team before attempting this. Again..I did a full set of 13 reps just minutes prior to this take. I look so silly on the 13th rep):

Here’s today: Week 2 where I did 14 reps. Little bit of mustard on the 14th rep...but I’m taking it. Sorry about the soft voice was way too early to be talking on the top of my lungs. Kids were still sleeping. =)

Sorry bout the dirty looking socks...hahahaha!!!


scorpiogrrl said...

more than 20 ... nice one Andy, you will !

Anna said...

Hey Andy, I'm your cheerleader to make those 20 wide grip pull ups. Go! Go! Go!

STBF said...

Great work Andy. You may have to work on the voice-over though. It sounded like I was watching the Masters as Tiger stands over a 20ft putt, contemplating the break of the green.

If we could get you pumped up before the pullups, I bet you could hit 16 or 17.

Suggestions for pumping up:
1) Drink 3 raw eggs
2) Watch the movie Vision Quest
3) Lose the Chargers hat (additional weight preventing 1 or more pull ups)
4) AC/DC "Back in Black" background mood music
5) Hire a group of disgruntled teenagers to mock you with a hearty chorus of "you suck"
6) Put up a life-size poster of RobB somewhere near pull up bar
7) Tie your shoe laces'll focus on your feet, not your arms
8) Breathe through your eyelids

Hope this helps

Later, Mike Z

Mark said...

your only fooling yourself, not fully extending....unlucky bud. back to the start!!!!!