Friday, January 30, 2009

I Won A Flip Camera!

Didn't even realize I won a free Flip Camera courtesy of FitandBusyDad Fitness Expert Chris Lopez at his great blog at There was a essay contest on "What are you going to do in 09 to be a better Dad?". I was so quick with my essay it really didn't take much thinking as this was one of my own goals I made on a retrospective essay I did for my own self right before the New Year (I thank a friend for the suggestion to do this for my own good re: a retrospective essay on myself for 2008).

Now what I'm going to tell you is so funny...had Alex not mentioned anything about it to me early this afternoon - I would have just stumbled on it here on my own blog and found out myself - but thanks for the heads up, Alex! =)

Chris Lopez has one helluva program...I did 3 full weeks of one of his early fitandbusydad programs courtesy of Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training Membership - and it's no joke and incredibly effective. And it's very time efficient for busy Dad's like me and many others! I've posted my thoughts on his workouts sometime late last year here in my blog - and his program is definitely a winner in my book.

He has an 84 day transformation contest at his site as well. For those interested in joining - I suggest you check it out - NOW!

Here's the link to his site again, for more information on it:

Let's all be fit and be better Dads in 2009 and beyond!!!



JUJU said...

YYYHAAAAA!! Congrats Andy!! You deserved it not just for the essay but for the truth on it, I'm sure you're a kick-S daddy!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Andy!!!!!!



PS: I agree about Chris Lopez...I have one of his 20 minute workout programs and he's no joke! He and CB are very similar...both terrific.