Thursday, February 11, 2010


Cold today. Very atypical weather down here.

Got up early and I just felt like staying in bed. I don't know how people in cold whether cities manage to get up when it's butt freezing cold. I guess Southern Californians are spoiled like that. I mean, even with the slightest rainfall - So Cal drivers are at their worst out on the freeways...

Shoulder day today...was so looking forward to it too.

It's all about the bigger picture here for me. If I indeed intend to improve on mass building and improving my physique (well at this point, I've gained a little fat to go with it), I have learned to appreciate the importance of rest to the muscle building equation. I've always like to train more than I have to - the 5 day a week mentality was me. But I've realized what works five days a week will not necessarily gain more muscle than the one who trains two days a week. Yada, yada, yada..but that's why I love this split...but I just couldn't get my ass out of bed early enough to get today's workout in.

One thing I've also learned to develop is to concentrate on eating and getting proper rest. Again, quality dieting and quality rest will prove just as important to one's mass building goals in relation to my chosen weight training program I'm on. Dude - with a young family, work...there is a life out of the gym - but I always have a saying to always make exercise a lifestyle and everthing else should fall into its proper place.

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Roundballnz said...

Keep chugging on there Andy .... the whole early morning thing is consistency, once you skip one day .... well you know where it can lead