Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Rack Pull aka Partial Deadlifts

Started on a new TT workout last Saturday and today was supposed to be back and abs. Was reviewing the program all weekend and noticed that there was rack pulling on Day 4. It's basically a partial deadlift and you can really place more loads on the bar than you would on a true deadlift, because you don't really have to go the full range of motion that a regular deadlift would require.

So I added the rack pulls into todays workout for the variety...too many rows set today so I took out the barbell row and added rack pulls today. For the shoulder workout coming up, I may just add a power clean or snatch to start it off.

I think I've definitely developed a love for the deadlift as I have the squats. It is an excellent exercise to improve the posterior chain muscles (you're non mirror muscles). Want a nice back and improve strength - then you definitely want to do rack pulls or deadlifts no doubt. But if you want to concentrate more on your back then the rack pull is definitely a great alternative.

Here's a video of doing the proper deadlift via stronglifts.com. Again if you want an excellent alternative to deadlifts, this has to be it.

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