Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shoulder Day and Lent

So today was shoulders. Got a wake up call from a very good friend of mine and it was off to the races to the gym to close out week 3 with some shoulder work.

3 weeks in and am really enjoying the workout design. Slightly tweaked but definitely doing them. Shirt is getting tighter. Love the upper body work I'm getting from it right now. can't say anything bad about the program and I'm really contemplating on doing another 4 more weeks here, something similar to this but will combine back and shoulders. Hope to add some intervals for more of a cardio feel on some days.

Anyway, history...born and raised as a Catholic. Well most Filipino's are 90% Catholic anyway. Went to a private Catholic High School and University to finish my Nursing Degree. It is tradition to hold and honor alot of the old practices and traditions that I've followed since I was young, that my parents have sort of engrained in me if you will.

Ash Wedesday I laid off any type of meat. Lots of people are giving up some things for this Lent season before Easter. So I've decided to give Friday's the day where I keep my calories at a low. Still eating - but I'd rather keep Fridays where they are way below what I should be eating. And of course: fish, fish and fish.

Hopefully this in turn gets me mentally prepared when I start to cut calories when I really start leaning out through the spring and summer.


Roundballnz said...

Should be used to fish on Fridays anyway shouldn't you ??? not raised catholic myself but my mother so know all those lovely traditions ....

looking good there

Andy said...

Hi alex...well, it's not that hard you're right. I guess keeping the calories low while still not eating meat on Fridays should be the challenge here.

thanks for visiting, alex...let's keep this going.