Friday, January 29, 2010

Week in Review

I think I've taken the proper progressions so far. It's always been conditioning/fat loss workouts for me. I love those workouts and will never abandon those approaches that have worked so effectively for me over the years.

At the end of last was essentially bodyweight stuff. Something I enjoyed doing but not exactly getting the full benefits of the program as my diet stunk during the holidays. I enjoyed it however, as it did help alot with giving my joints a break from lifting weights for the most part of the year. Resting my shoulders and knee joints and minimizing alot of road work (i.e. running, kettlebell swinging)...has definitely been beneficial.

Going into the New Year...I had already started basic strength training. Starting with the 45 bar working up to 225 lbs. It's safe to say I'm definitely a way am I a true powerlifter by any means. That's for the big boys. That takes years to develop if you're really serious about going that route.

But I do want to get big and work on some lean mass...but I know this is going to take some planning. I'm trying to find a program that would allow me to do both effectively at home or at a gym. Some of the exercises are best done at the gym than at home. Most of the stuff I have at home are ideal for conditioning and strength work. Muscle building programs - definitely the gym is where it's at for me, so hopefully I can get a schedule that allows me to get those workouts in good standing the next few weeks regardless of where I'm at. If not, I don't mind modifying a little if I have to do them at home.

Have a great weekend! Don't re-invent the wheel...just keep on turning em!

Train safe!

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