Monday, January 11, 2010


"The worst days of those who enjoy what they do are better than the best days of those who don't." - Jim Rohn

Didn't feel like working out today...don't know for some reason, I wasn't 100% mentally. But I got up at about 8:30 am, put on my hoodie, walked in my garage and warmed up to some wicked tunes to get me up and going and it was on.

I knew coming in today's workout, I was walking into a heavier load range - 135 lbs. This is in fact my 3rd week and was a bit scared of the load as it involved OH presses.

Barbell Squats, you got to love leg work...I know I have appreciated squats more over time than any other exercise that I know of (other than deadlifts). My form is at it's best right now - squatting below the knees and all the way down and up. I think this exercise alone has actually made my knees even stronger believe it or not. Looking back, I think I doubted my own form on this movement in the past. What a revelation.

But it was on the overhead press where I kind of felt a bit intimidated starting off. I literally was staring at the bar in front of me with my hands securely wrapped around it - getting mentally ready of the task before me. I warmed up with just the bar before I started my true sets but on the first 2 sets I did only 2 sets of 3 reps because I felt like I would mess up form if I went any more. I honestly doubted my own strength here...underestimated it a little because it actually felt like a warm up! DOH! Honestly, I should have warmed up a little more before doing the actual sets and reps because on the last 3 sets I was able to explosively lift the weight at 5 reps each set (with rest periods of about 2-3 minutes between sets) - to finish it off. That's ok...I'll leave the OH presses at a half assed effort today. I'll remember next time. But 3 good sets out of 5 is pretty good in my book. Condsidering the loads are heavier, I'll just remember to have a more effective warm up set to get those muscles activated alot quicker than with just a bar. Lesson learned!

Again, train smart...and train safe. That's the mindset!

Deadlifted at 175 lbs at 1 set...that's my BWx1 as it is. So forward progress there as well!

Don't let time pass you by. Make the time...and reap the benefits!


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