Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time to Get BIG (ger)!!!

Ok time to get bigger (if I'm not big fat as it is)...

5 weeks of strength training, I know I've said I would never do this in my life but I'm confident to focus on improving on some lean mass. Yup, "mass build" is what they would call it in the bodybuilding world but I would like to call it - improving on lean mass.

May keep the Texas method on here with the program I'm going to start next week. Will use strength training (lower rep range, heavier wt) still as a focus at the begininning of some workouts or at the end of the week to reach some personal records on some loads of various lifts (i.e. trying to improve on moves like the squat and deadlift; improve loads on the dumbell press) but will transition that into mass building with higher reps (i.e. bigger chest, arms, butt) the next 4 weeks.

Surprisingly, I was not as sore with strength training than I am with hypertrophy training. I was never a big fan of hypertrophy training for those who have read my blog over the years. But what I did feel with this stronglift program was I was getting stronger each session as the weights got heavier. Maybe it was the low volume of strength training and familiarity with the movements that really wasn't an issue at all while on this interesting approach to strength training. But one thing for sure: my form has definitely improved significantly.

But I also realized that I can't go up more than 1.2 x my BW at my current fitness level - so I guess I'm fairly average if that. I probably can - but I think I can work on that again come October and the winter months. I just know that I've improved on the strength department so thats definitely a plus.

I only began feeling some soreness when the weights were probably at 155 lbs..but succeeding weeks not as much. I guess that's how strength training works.

I remember I did a Turbulence Training Program that I completely sucked at and only did 2 weeks of because I was throwing the weight loads all over the place. Hopefully this time, I can be more systematic with my approach and hopefully improve on some lean mass. 4 weeks I'm giving myself here and we'll see where this goes.

My bodyfat has been a bit skewed these past several weeks. But I'll be honest - it sure aint like the guy you see to the right of this blog with his hat on. I've lost my abs, I have some flab to show for...but honestly, I think that really comes with the territory here - and that nutrition will come full circle here soon enough. Come March, I hope to get back into circuit training and metabolic supersets to lean out some with more of a calorie deficit approach. Just not right now. That's not the goal...well at least for now.

So I'm eating like a madman basically to get strong and hopefully to get big! But eating SHOULD not mean to eat anything in your sight of vision (although I pigged out yesterday as it was my birthday). Got to get that mindset back of eating the right way as opposed to eating because I know I'm not eating to get lean sort of thing. That's just the wrong way to go about this. Eat but eat right. You lose control of the nutritional part - you'll lose control for sure. I'll get it down. March for sure...

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