Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Morning Workout

Rise and shine...loads getting progressively heavier. After a nice dynamic warm up and a few warm ups at the squat station - it was on.

Took about a minute to 2 minutes to recover between sets. Good form all through out. Had the rack safety bars just below shoulder height for the overhead press.

6 am

Squats (Olympic style) 105x5x5
OH Press 105x5x5
Deadlift 135x1x5 overhand grip
Pull Ups 10, 8, 8 (3 sets done to failure)
Prone bridges with 3 x 30 sec hold

No intervals.

Looks easy? Give it a try. This whole routine with warm up took me 40 minutes to complete. Gave myself enough time before proceeding with the next strength set. All good form. Very basic, straightforward routine that hits your whole entire body.

Day off tomorrow...but may do some light jogging or a bike run around the neighborhood in the morning.

Lovin' it!

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