Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Update

Up to 195 lbs on the lifts as I've said yesterday. BF: 15% at 175 lbs. Lifting heavier weight than my current weight is definitely positive strength progress indeed.

I just want to take back a post that I was going to go back to treadmill cardio again. No, that's just not me to even consider going back to those lame ol boiring cardio routines. THAT'S NOT ME AND WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THOSE DARK DAYS OF FITNESS. That's what the uninformed do.

I just never had time to really put any good interval sessions last week because of my muscle soreness I had from playing volleyball last week.

So this morning I got up, did some foam rolling and did a nice HIIT session on my treadmill and followed it up with some core work consisting of scissor kicks, fast cross body mountain climbers, planks and blast strap roll outs (I call them supermans).

The end of this week officially completes Week 4. I intend to get to the point of being able to lift 225 one more week of this program and it's off to doing the Texas method with some conditioning routines, for a short bit and then back to a new program come mid February.

So far, so good...very happy with my strength gains to this point and happy to be close to achieving that goals for strength that I set forth starting the year.

Gotta pick up the kids! Have a good weekend!


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