Monday, January 18, 2010

I've been hurtin'!

Happy Martin Luther King Day to all...

I miss volleyball. It's been 3 full months that I haven't hit the volleyball court. Hey, when you're're just... busy. But definitely not busy to keep this blog going. I may never give this up!

So I head off to one of our local volleyball gyms here in San Diego for the first time in ages last Wednesday (I even worked out that morning with strength workout A from strong lifts. Wasn't sore at all when I started playing that evening. Up to 175 lbs - which by the way is my current weight as we speak so I am at BW with my 5x5 lifts. I'm loving this workout!!). Anyway, same guys out there which was nice to see. Early on I felt I may have lost it some (I was so worried that I lost my jumping ability) obviously my hit trajectory was more to my unliking.
So I started warming up with some ball walling, some lunge stretching, torso twists and arm swings...and it was off to warm up where we just start doing some hit drills before our actual game started.
Pretty intense game...I was really having a blast and best of all - I truly believe I still got it.
I got home that night...and ate like a lion. But I also felt some soreness around my swinging arm (right shoulder) and yes, my knees again (I really think it's tendonitis). So it was some ice and Motrin and it was off to lala land. I swear...I must have tendonitis like you can't imagine!
So I get up the next day, and I feel like my entire torso got a pretty good workout too. I mean my whole torso was sore, from my mid section to my obliques. Only tells you one thing - I haven't challenged my body so hard in sometime.
So I haven't started week 4 yet of my program. It's been 5 days since my last workout...only because I felt beat up from volleyball the other day. But damn was it fun! Just have to remember to ice up everytime.
I feel recovered, so it's workout B tomorrow.

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