Friday, January 1, 2010

Cheers to 2010

Where did 09 go? Are you ready for 2010? I'm ready.

Already anticipating this current program to get harder and harder. Bring it on. Although I do believe in some of what this system puts out there for the user - by doing, I'm quickly understanding. With some patience and understanding the body - I like my chances - but I know this program gets harder and harder.

But I still want to lose some unwanted holiday weight here so nutrition will play a big factor. Calories will be up but just enough to keep it going instead of flaming out by week 3. But I have to be very aware of the pitfalls that come with strength training. You got to eat...but with the understanding of what and why you're eating it.

So I cleared out our fridge of all that junk food (except for the kids of course). Will convert back to brown rice over white rice. Eat more whole foods over junk foods.

Now to my plan of attack to achieve these goals with the tools that I have at hand.

- #1 Plan of attack. Keep that nutrition nice and clean once again. I get into nutrition slumps by October it seems. So this year, will keep those bad diets to a minimum as best as I can. One thing I want to do is drop my bodyfat %. I feel so sluggish at 17.5% bodyfat. If I can get it down to 12% - I'm good to go here.

- #2 Progress Pictures. But one thing I will certainly do when I get the chance today - is to take an Official Day 1 Progress Picture (won't post here but hopefully will post with a before and after pic at or around the 12th week mark). I'm not a good measurer of bodyparts, but progress pics tell me a better picture for me, along with BF measurements from an electronic scale.

- #3 Weigh Weekly. This will be done every Friday. This weight I took today is so off as I had tons of food and drink in my system the night before as well as the morning of New Years. But that's skewed as it is...more motivation for me to do the right thing here on out. :)

- #4 Be accountable with pictures and posting my workouts here or through a forum of likeminds with similar goals. I will take weekly pictures again and see my body transform into one that's leaner but more stronger. I will take videos from time to time on my form on some workouts and critique every single aspect of each strong lift performed. Will incorporate conditioning routines as part of interval training too. Will not deny the benefits of high intensity interval training here - that is one tool I will never change.

- #5 Remember to keep the mindset of doing if for myself. I owe this to my body and no one else's.

- #6 Make the time as opposed to finding the time. The mid part of last year was a wake up call for me. Twins are in school now...double the efforts? HELL YEAH IT IS! So we've quickly learning that everything doesn't have to evolve around them - and me and my wife still have a life here (even with a 2 year old son right behind the 2older boys). Work, family..exercise - They must be coordinated and balanced to continue this on. I'm well aware of that and will tackle it head on.

- #7 Stay injury free. Hey, if I can't lift a weight and I know I can't - at least this program allows for deloading. So that I will do when I do feel like I'm not progressing in weights. WARM UPS, STRETCHING AND TONS OF FOAM ROLLING!!!


Roundballnz said...


With this in place, looks like you will kick it this year ...... BTW can I ask what programme you are doing ???

anne h said...

Nice post - and Happy New Year to you!
Good job clearing out your fridge and revving up your mind - plan of attack!

Andy said...

Hi Alex...
Here's the link (you'll have to copy and paste it):

Hi Anne! Thanks for visiting. Happy New Year!

Yep ---> Take out the culprit!

Definitely - mindset is key!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Andy!
Terrific, you got it all lined up and ready to go! I like about "making your own luck"!

Looking forward to your pics...wish I had the guts (well, I have 'the gut', wish I didn't have it..) to post some myself...we'll see...maybe yours will motivate me to do the same!
Keep up the great posts Andy...VERY inspirational, as always!


Andy said...

Thanks Fred...I tell gut isn't worth posting either believe me. I lost the 6 pack!! Aaaahhhh! Hahaha..but I love the personal challenge. 6 pack or's all about achieving those goals I've set and will do the best I can to get there...I'm giving myself 12 weeks. Hope you guys will be right there through this! I've already progressed up to 75 lbs on the bar...105 lbs on the deadlift. Gettin there!

Roundballnz said...

I think you can count on it,we have been supporting each other for a few years now.

Andy said...

definitely Alex!

nikki said...

just searching for weight loss/fit blogs to read to keep me motivated in my weight loss endeavor. ive never seen someone who updates so regularly and consistently. awesome!! i hope i can be like you!