Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just be different

A good friend at TT by the name of Darryl and a cool guy named Juan at the TT forums really inspired me to make a blog post today about something I had troubles with early on…just be different than the rest. Never sweat the small stuff and just focus on the task at hand: your workout.

If you’ve been working your tail off at the gym or even at home…just be different. There’s nothing like preventing the inevitable when it comes to working out. Plateaus are imminent if you don’t change things up. Mixing things up isn’t intended to show off or simply to show ‘superiority’ over anybody else (well for some, that is the case in the gym. I call them the ego lifters). It’s not being conceited and it’s not about going overboard by any means here…and I wanted to point that out here. Seriously. I just like to train hard and different everytime. Increase the intensity every time!!! That’s all. I don’t like to waste time doing monotonous exercises that I once used to do (HIIT on the treadmills – that killed my knees overtime). That’s probably why my knees aren’t the same anymore…I was always one to run, run and run…it was a passion but that passion caught up with me. I was doing that for over 2 years and HIIT for 1 year and half!!! It’s just not the same anymore when I look at a program…And on a daily basis in regards to exercise - I don’t think it will ever be again. I simply wont allow it.

Change programs regularly, educate yourself why you’re doing them and when to do them. The more you know, the better off you are longterm.

And that’s all I can say when it comes to working out. Doing my actual TT workouts once again in a commercial gym is an eye popper for me. It shocks me everytime to see what goes on but I always keep it to myself but I’ve learned so much’s almost educating to witness. Time and time again, I see so many of the same people doing the same thing over and over and over again. I used to feel uncomfortable at one point doing TT at the gym because everybody else was doing the same exact thing and I didn’t want to feel like I wasn’t “going with the flow” like everybody else (spending 15 minutes on a ab machine, 25 minutes on a barbell bench – all just that one exercise movement, for example.) Nowadays, I’m done minimal time and I feel better afterwards knowing I really challenged myself single everytime I step my foot in that door in the morning).

Don’t be ashamed that you’re different. Get out of that comfort zone. There's really nothing wrong with's just the perception the people who see you doing it is. That may bother those regular joes at the gym some, but it should NEVER bother you.


Darryl Holtby said...

"It shocks me everytime to see what goes on but I always keep it to myself but I’ve learned so much’s almost educating to witness."

I know what you mean Andy. I know exactly what you mean. You see the dolphin kick pull ups and chin ups or the only going half way down. You just want to correct them, but we don't. The other day I was doing pull ups beside some individuals that where doing the dolphin kick to get up and they asked me "Why so slow and going all the way down, you're only getting 8 reps out?" I had to answer with, try my form and you'll find out. Sometimes it's better to just let the come and ask you than to end up in an argument with the ego-lifter.

Keep going strong and being the oddball at the gym. You're the one getting the results.

Andy said...

Thanks, too man!

Juan said...

Hey bro, sorry I have been MIA all over the place. School has started up for me and I'm just trying to get into the groove of things. Especially with Cruz out of school for the summer. It definitely makes handling everyday running around interesting.

Anyways man loved the post about Po the kung fu panda. Still trying to figure out when Ill be able to take Cruz to go see it.

Like Darryl said man I definitely know what you mean. I'm going to be looking foolish when I'm right by a treadmill Jumping rope for a minute then stopping to walk on the treadmill for two minutes then jumping rope again. But you know what, who cares what others think again like Darryl said as long as you are getting the results. (Man Darryl you took all the good sayings lol)

Andy said...

Hey Juan!!! Nice to see you in BIA status in Back in Action in the TT Forums that is. I know you've still been managing your workouts and all...just thought I'd throw a shout out in your thread and hope you're doing well with yourself and lil' Cruz.

Yup Kung Fu Panda is the BOOOOOMMB! Strongly recommended you watch it with your son sometime.

Andy said...

OK...the main reason why I posted this is because I don't normally see people do what I do on a TT program. I'm probably the 1% (maybe less than that) of people in my gym who actually apply TT principles at my gym. I wasn't telling people to be different by doing some whacked out exercise. Nothing like that at all...I would never go up to anybody to tell them that they're wrong or I'm right. That's not me.

People have opinions and that's all they are: opinions. If people think it's stupid or dumb...that's just an opinion. How you take it is what it ultimately comes down to. It's all about attitude.

Since I've come back to the gym doing my TT workouts solely at the gym nowadays, I've been approached and have been told that they have seen some results and have been given great comments, I simply say thanks, give them the "brother hand shake" and move on. But I don't tell them what to do or what not do. That's their business. That's what keeps them happy and I respect that. I'd end up in the gym longer than I need to if I told them what and why I do what I do! People do barbell work for 25 some odd minutes...I like to do pushups in lesser time. Some people superset deadlifts with an ab machine apparatus. Some people like to do slow steady cardio...I like intervals of different kinds...It's not common in my gym to see someone doing "differently" what the general perception of a gym should be. Is that being different? Personally, yes it is. But is one thing better than the other? No.

If it bothers you, then that's where the problem lies.

TT is a workout that can be done at home, but when done in a gym - it's a whole different ball game. Instead you become watched and people look because it is different than the ego lifters I'm accustomed to seeing is all. And that just comes with wisdom and experience. And the more that I've learned through TT, the more I've changed my perspectives to training...and that's a good thing.

Donna said...

Good post Andy. In some ways though it's good that everyone else is doing different things. Otherwise I'd have a lot more competition for the downstairs squat rack and pull up bar at my gym :) Did my 30 min circuit outside at a park today, now that's definitely different. A little self conscious at first but got over it quick.

Andy said...

546! Good job Donna! And at the park too! Whoohoo!

Hit it hard Donna!!! Thanks for dropping by.